Yaarp is an illegal genetic experiment created by Jumba and is one of Stitch's many cousins. His primary function is to scare off his enemies by making loud noises with his honker.

Appearance & Powers Edit

Yaarp is an animal that appears in the Lilo & Stitch franchise. He is a possum-like creature. He can scare off enemies by making loud noises with his honker. Like all experiments, he has a heart, a pair of two lungs, a stomach, and other body parts. Like all experiments, he can mate with any female experiment and reproduce. It is known that Belle has a crush on him and might mate with him in the future.

History Edit

Yaarp makes his appearance in the episode: Yaarp where he is chased down by Gantu who was hired to capture all of the experiments for Dr. Hamsterviel. But he was protected by both Lilo and Stitch and was found his one true place: at Lilo's hula school being an alien alarm.

Personality Edit

Yaarp is a very friendly boy and loves people. But he is a little scared of people at first, but generally warms up to them. When he is happy, he lets off little honks.