Sparky is a illegal genetic experiment created by Jumba and is one of Stitch's many cousins. His primary function is electrifying things. He is friends with Pikachu in the fanfiction stories as they both share the same type of power.

Appearance & Powers Edit

Sample is an animal that appears in the Lilo & Stitch series. He can electrify things or power things up with his antennas. Like all experiments, Sparky has a heart, a pair of two lungs, a stomach and other body parts. Like all experiments, Sparky can mate with a female experiment and reproduce.

History Edit

Sparky made his appearance in Stitch the Movie as one of the many experiments wanted by Dr. Hamsterviel. But he is protected by Lilo and Stitch and is found his one true place: Lighting the lighthouse. He has a major appearance in the series where Lilo and Stitch come to him for help or to just hang out together. He makes his final appearance in Leroy & Stitch.

Personality Edit

Sparky is very friendly and fun-loving. He loves to explore new things. He likes his life at the lighthouse and likes it when Stitch or Lilo come to hang out with him or ask him for help. He appeared in the Asteroid episode as one of the experiments that listened to Stitch when he was talking about the asteroid and came with him to help save earth. He is loyal and trustworthy. He cares about everybody except villains and doesn't like it when anybody gets hurt. He likes to fight for what's right and isn't afraid to.