Serena's Pancham is the first Pokemon caught by Serena. He debuted in Dreaming A Performer's Dream.

History Edit

Serena and Pancham

Serena and Pancham

Pancham was first spotted showing a inspiration for performing. He stole Ash's hat and Clemont's glasses and tried to perform with them, but was caught. He helped save Serena's Fennekin from Team Rocket and decided to join Serena. Nini's Smoochum grew very fond of him and grew a romantic crush on him and this confirmed that he was male since Smoochum are female. Team Rocket has tried to steal Serena's Pancham a couple times, but he was saved by his trainer. He is fond of Serena's Sylveon and Braixen

Personality Edit

Pancham is a Pokemon that loves to perform. He performs in showcases with Serena, his trainer. He is a very caring and friendly Pokemon overall.

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