Sample is a illegal genetic experiment created by Jumba and one of Stitch's beloved cousins. His primary function is to record sounds on his ears and play them backwards to annoy enemies.

Appearance & Powers Edit

Sample is an animal that appears in Lilo & Stitch the series. He has ears that have sound recorders in them. He has a purple nose that he uses to breathe. He has an orange body and black eyes. Sample can record sounds with his ears and play them backwards to annoy his enemies. Like all experiments, he has a heart, two lungs, a stomach, and other body parts which makes him an animal.

History Edit

Sample was first seen in the episode: Sample where he is chased down by Gantu who was hired to capture all of the experiments for Dr. Hamsterviel. Sample is protected by both Lilo and Stitch and is found his one true place: providing backbeats for a rock band.

Personality Edit

If there is anything in the world Sample loves: it's music. Sample loves music and loves recording sounds he has never heard before. Sample also is friendly and cares for everyone including his cousins. If you need help, you can always count on Sample. He would help anybody except villains.