Otis is the main cat in the Kitty Corner book 2 of the new series. He is a Orange Tabby cat.

History Edit

Otis was abandoned by his owner who left him in a treat bag and wrapped him in a food wrapper.

Appearances Edit

Otis Edit

He was rescued by Mia and her brother Michael who freed him. But he was scared of humans at first due to being abused like that and tried to escape from them. But he was rescued and fostered by Mia's family. He kept yowling through the night due to being mistreated and Mia's family had to keep calming him down. At the end of the book, he was adopted by a musician who was a friend of Mia & Michael's family.

Personality Edit

Due to being abandoned and abused, Otis was terrified of humans and often ran away from them. When he was being fostered, he kept yowling and kept having to be calmed down. Finally he was adopted by a loving musician who cares for him.