Mystery Cat or otherwise known as MC is a tabby cat that was created by Susan Saunders. He is the main protagonist in the series.

History Edit

MC belongs to no one in the series of books. He likes to hang out with Hilary and Kelly Ann, two girls often leading them into solving mysteries. He is always a hero at the end of the book.

Appearances Edit

Mystery Cat Edit

In the original book, MC was befriended by two young girls: Hilary & Kelly Ann. He led them into solving a mystery about counterfeit money. When Hilary was captured by the robbers, MC and Kelly Ann went to find help and the police arrested the robbers and rescued Hilary.

Mystery Cat & The Chocolate Trap Edit

MC appears in the next book leading Hilary and Kelly Ann into solving the case of a cat-napper kidnapping precious show cats and demanding a ransom for them. MC was almost captured by the cat-napper himself, but was rescued by Hilary and Kelly Ann. The cat-napper then attempted to kill MC, but once again he was rescued, but injured. MC leads Kelly Ann to the cat-napper, but Kelly Ann is captured and MC and Hilary get help and the police rescue Kelly Ann and arrest the cat-napper. The kidnapped cats are then returned to their owners. MC is awarded at the end for being a hero along with the girls.

Mystery Cat & The Monkey Business Edit

Plot coming soon

Personality Edit

MC is a caring and friendly cat who doesn't like bad guys getting their way and often has Hilary and Kelly Ann help him stop the crooks. He cares about everybody and doesn't like to see humans or animals suffer.