Kitty Galore [Born Ivanna Clawyu] is the main antagonist in the film: Cats & Dogs 2 Revenge of Kitty Galore.

History Edit

Kitty Galore [Ivanna Clawyu] with fur

Kitty Galore was formerly known as Ivanna Clawyu. She originally was a Persian and had fur on her body. But during her last assignment, she was chased by guard dogs and fell into a vat of hair removal cream which turned her into a Spinx cat. She tried to go back to headquarters, but was humilaited by her former comrades. She tried to go back to her home, but her owners didn't recognize her and threw her out of their home. She then turned evil and planned revenge against humans, cats, & dogs. She tried to take over the world and enslave the humans, but her evil plan was stopped by Catherine [an agent of M.E.O.W.S], Digger, & some others. She was then defeated and was stuck with her circus owner.

History Edit

Ivanna originally cared about humans and wanted to protect them, this changed though and she plotted her revenge on them. She was originally a very loving and sweet cat.