Felicity is the 9-year-old daughter of one of Newman's younger triplet sisters, Abby and Joe and the niece of Newman and Nellie and the cousin of Angus and Tom. She is a major character in the Angus & Agnes series. She is a female Orange Tabby kitten. She is revealed to have become a mother and mate of Angus's childhood friend, Roscoe in Angus & Agnes: A Family of their Own where she has two daughters and one son named Lucy, Penny, and William

History Edit

Angus & Agnes Edit

Felicity was born to Abby and Joe as their only child and kitten. Felicity made her first appearance when she and her parents were visiting the Kleckner family. Felicity got injured by climbing a tree after a dare her cousins made and had to be taken to the vet by her parents. Felicity made an appearance at the end posing in the Kleckner family photo.

Angus & Agnes: May-Bel Edit

Felicity and her parents were revealed to have been adopted by the Kleckners' after losing their home. Felicity and Tom were playing cards for a portion of the book.

Angus & Agnes 10 New Short Stories 3 Edit

Andi's Camp Disaster Edit

Felicity has a major appearance in this novel. She is one of the kittens kidnapped by Lien Armie and was almost killed by him, but was rescued by the camp staff and the police.

Angus & Agnes: Lien's Revenge Edit

Felicity was one of the cats kidnapped by Lien Armie to lure 11-year-old Gabrielle Kleckner to him so he could kill them all.

Angus & Agnes: The Final Battle Edit

Felicity was one of the cats fighting against Lien's army. She is a 14-year-old teenage cat in this story. Lien took her uncle and aunt hostage after cutting her uncle's tail off and threatened to kill them if Angus didn't hand over Felicity [his cousin], Agnes, May-Bel, and Gabrielle. But Lien was killed by his sister before he could hurt Felicity and her friends.

Angus & Agnes: A Family Of Their Own Edit

After celebrating the death of Lien Armie and his brother, Bien, an adult Felicity was revealed to have fallen in love with Roscoe and had three kittens with him named: Lucy, Penny, and William.

Personality Edit

Felicity is sweet, loving, kind, friendly, fun-loving, compassionate, cheerful, and goodhearted. She is a loving mother towards her kittens and her mate. She had a crush on Roscoe since she was 9-years-old, but just couldn't admit her feelings to him yet.