Callie is the main cat in the first book of a new series by Ellen Miles called Kitty Corner. She is a calico cat.

History Edit

Callie was presumably abandoned by her previous owners. She was left in the streets. She had a leg that was cut.

Appearances Edit

Callie Edit

Callie was first seen in the streets spotted by Mia. Later, Mia and her family rescued Callie and fostered her until they could find a home for her. She was taken to the vet for treatments about her cut leg. At the end of the book, she was adopted by Mr. Ling, a pet store owner.

Otis Edit

Callie was mentioned in this book by Mia who made a sculpture of her.

Personality Edit

Callie is a friendly, caring, loving, and affectionate cat. She loves people and was lonely due to being abandoned. She loves Mr. Ling and was happy to be adopted by him.