Bonnie is a illegal genetic experiment created by Jumba and is one of Stitch's many cousins. Her primary function is to rob people and steal stuff with her buddy and boyfriend, Clyde, but at the end of Sample, turns good and along with Clyde joins Lilo's team.

Appearance & Powers Edit

Bonnie is an animal that appears in the Lilo & Stitch franchise. She has many habits. Her main habit is stealing and robbing people, but changes her habit when Lilo gives them a parol from prison. Like all experiments, she has a heart, a pair of two lungs, a stomach, and other body parts. Like all experiments, she can mate with a male experiment and reproduce. She is currently in a relationship with Clyde.

History Edit

Bonnie makes her appearance in the episode: Bonnie & Clyde where she and Clyde are hunted down by Gantu who was hired to capture all of the experiments for Dr. Hamsterviel. But she and Clyde were protected by Lilo & Stitch and were found their one true place which is unknown.

Personality Edit

Originally Bonnie was sly and cunning. But that changed when she met Lilo and decided to join the good side along with Clyde. She is a very sweet girl and loves Clyde. She is willing to help others when they need it.