Benji is a young stag fawn and the main protagonist of the upcoming children's AnimalTales early chapter book series. He is the son of Rebecca and Andrew and the older brother of Amy.

Personality Edit

Benji is a very friendly and caring fawn. He loves to hang out with his best friends: Andy, Callie, and Brandi. His main enemy is Ash, the son of the king of the northern part of the forest. He also loves his little sister, Amy.


Family & Friends Edit

Rebecca Edit

Rebecca is the mother of Benji and Amy and the mate of Andrew. She is a very sweet young doe who loves her children.

Andrew Edit

Andrew is the father of Benji and Amy and the mate of Rebecca. He is a very kind young stag who loves his mate and his children. He is very overprotective of his children and his mate.

Amy Edit

Amy is the younger sister of Benji and the daughter of Rebecca and Andrew. She is a very sweet and caring baby doe.

Brandi Edit

Brandi is a young doe fawn and the daughter and only fawn of Gina and Sal. She is the best friend and love interest of Benji.

Callie Edit

Callie is Benji's other best friend. She is also a young doe fawn. She is the daughter of a single doe named Emma, her father abandoned her and her mother when Callie was just a baby. Callie never got to know her father.

Andy Edit

Andy is Benji's other best friend. He is also a young stag fawn. He is the son of Astor and Danielle and the older brother of Ryan. He is in love with Callie.

Ryan Edit

Ryan is the younger brother of Andy. He is a baby male fawn. He is the best friend of Amy, Benji's younger sister whom he has a crush on.

Enemies Edit

Ash Edit

Ash is Benji's rival and enemy. He is infatuated with Brandi and wants her to become his girlfriend and tries many attempts to win her heart or take her away from Benji. This makes Benji really angry and he tells him to leave her alone. But Benji did show care for Ash when he rescued Ash from a hunter. Ash is the son of a king and queen deer of the forest. He is a teenage young stag who almost has his antlers.

Hunters Edit

Hunters are humans who hunt deer and other animals for game. They have gone after Benji, Amy, Brandi, Callie, Andy, Ryan, and Ash a couple times, but they were either saved by Benji or they were saved by their parents. A hunter attempted to kill Amy by shooting her, but he was chased away by Andrew. A hunter also tried to kill Ash, but Ash was saved by Benji. They are the main antagonists of the series.