Ash's Bayleef is the second Pokemon Ash caught in the Johto region. She first appeared as an Chikorita.

History Edit

Gold & Silver Edit

The Johto Journeys Edit

200px-Ash Chikorita

As an Chikorita

When Ash first met Chikorita, she was a stubborn Pokemon who just wanted to fight off Ash's attempts to catch her. After rescuing her from Team Rocket, Chikorita chose Ash as her trainer. Chikorita then started to show signs of having a crush on Ash and was jealous of Ash's relationship with Pikachu and always choosing him over her. In Chikorita's Big Upset, this jealousy was shown and Chikorita was confirmed female because Nurse Joy called her a she. When she ran off, Pikachu ran after her, but was stopped by a vine whip. Chikorita then fought the leader of the abandoned house and defeated it. She became the new leader, but not for long, when Pikachu found her, that's when Team Rocket tried to capture the both of them claiming them to be a gift for their boss: Giovanni, the leader of Team Rocket who wants to take over the world using Pokemon. Ash came, but both Pikachu and Chikorita were grabbed by Meowth's giant robot. But Ash risked his life to save them and the robot exploded sending Team Rocket blasting off. Ash then comforted Chikorita and allowed her to jump on his shoulder to ride with him and Pikachu. In one episode, Chikorita along with a few other Pokemon were captured by Team Rocket, but rescued by their trainers. In another episode, Ash told his Chikorita, Totodile, and Cyndaquil to go get the ball. They were cornered by Meowth who wanted to use them to get Ash to hand over his Pikachu, but again his plan was thwarted. In another episode, all of the gang's Pokemon including Chikorita were captured by Team Rocket, but were set free by Ursaring and reunited with their trainers. Chikorita then spent the rest of the time traveling with her trainer.

Johto League Championships Edit

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Bayleef after she evolved

In Current Events, she was captured by Team Rocket who wanted to take her to the boss for money. Ash risked his life to save her by getting hurt in the process and this made Chikorita very stressed and upset, she evolved into Bayleef to save Ash. She managed to escape from Team Rocket and helped Ash sent them blasting off. In Turning Over a New Bayleef, her crush of Ash grew deeper and she often tried to show her affection by tackling Ash. Ash snapped and yelled at her which made her very upset and she ran away. She was rescued by a kind elderly lady named Maruno. When Ash came to apologize and get her to come back with him, she refused to go with him because he had hurt her feelings and she ignored him half the episode. But when Team Rocket captured her, Ash's Pikachu, Maruno's Skiploom, and Maruno's Bellossom, Ash tried to rescue them and Bayleef soon realized that he really cared about her and together they escaped Team Rocket and sent them blasting off. She appeared often trying to help Ash in many episodes.

Master Quest Edit

Noctowl and Bayleef

Ash's Bayleef in Pokemon Master Quest

In one of the episodes, Team Rocket held Pikachu hostage and demanded that Ash hand over his Pokemon including Bayleef to take to the boss for some money, but Ash refused and rescued Pikachu sending the greedy thieves blasting off. Finally Ash left Bayleef at Professor Oak's Lab

Ruby & Sapphire Edit

Advanced Battle Edit


Ash & his Bayleef in Pokemon Advanced Battle

Ash's Bayleef appeared in the Ruby & Sapphire series when meeting up with Ash. She rescued Ash from his stampeding Tauros and nuzzled him showing that her crush for him was still there. Team Rocket attempted to steal her and the rest of the gang's Pokemon. But Ash and his friends protected their Pokemon and sent them blasting off. Ash's Bayleef was last seen saying goodbye to Ash.

Ash and bayleef by sonamy1110

Ash's Bayleef showing affection for him in Pokemon Sinnoh League Victors

Diamond & Pearl Edit

Sinnoh League Victors Edit

Ash's Bayleef was one of the Pokemon sent to Ash by Professor Oak. Team Rocket attempted to steal the Pokemon including Bayleef, but their evil plot was foiled by Ash. Bayleef made her appearance tackle attacking Ash to the ground nuzzling him showing that she still had a crush on him. Dawn noted that Bayleef really liked Ash. She helped Ash rescue his Cyndaquil who evolved into Quilava from Team Rocket and sent them blasting off. She was sent back to Professor Oak's lab though.

Black & White Edit

BW: Adventures in Unova & Beyond Edit


Bayleef posing with Ash & the rest of Ash's Pokemon

Ash's Bayleef appeared in a photo posing with Ash's Pokemon and Ash before he left for Kalos.

Fanfiction Stories Edit

Pokemon XY Edit

Ash's Bayleef rejoined the group and they met up with Casey who had decided to join the group. Casey's Meganium grew a crush on Ash's Bayleef, at first she wasn't interested in him, she was only interested in Ash. But Ash encouraged her to mate with Meganium instead since he was a Pokemon like her and he was a human. Ash's Bayleef is currently mating with Casey's Meganium. This isn't canon though and it is still unknown what gender Casey's Meganium is. In the real XY series, Ash's Bayleef is still at Professor Oak's Lab and she hasn't been seen since the Black & White series.

Personality Edit

Bayleef loves ash by pikachuwatch-d4hsspu

An example of Bayleef's love for Ash

Bayleef as an Chikorita was especially stubborn only wanting Ash to pay attention to her. As she evolved into a Bayleef, her personality changed and she grew a major crush on Ash.